Empress/ Shan Sa

Empress: A Novel (P.S.) - Shan Sa

3.5 stars


This book isn't very long, but it took me something like a month to read! (and I'm not even in a reading slump!)


Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad book- Heavenlight's story is fascinating, and Shan Sa's writing is extremely unique. you can definitely tell, when you're reading the book, that it was written by a very skilled poet (which she is), and that a lot of thought, work and research was put into the process of writing it.


the descriptions are amazing, and you can almost paint a completely accurate picture in your head of China in the 7th century, which is not an easy feat. It was at times nerve- wracking, poignant and sensual. Shan Sa explained the main character so well, that I was fond of her, even though I didn't like everything she had done.

I think it is such a special book, because she took a story of a woman worth- knowing, and made it accessible to readers.


However, I have to mention that it took me so long to read because even though it was interesting, there was almost no dialog AT ALL, and most of it was descriptions, which made it a very slow and tiring read. It took me a while to get back into it after each time that I picked the book up, and also between reading sessions- It didn't make itch to get to the next chapter.


Anyway, read it and let me know what YOU think! 

Georgie xxxxxx