Attachments/ Rainbow Rowell

Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

4 stars


I usually shy away from authors that get a lot of buzz (John Green, Rainbow Rowell, etc.) because I often feel they're overrated. I have already tried reading one of Rainbow Rowell's books- Eleanor and Park and I couldn't get into it, but Attachments was on my TBR, and I've heard lots of good things about it, so I picked it up and I'm so happy that I did!


most 'coming of age' stories we read about feature teenagers trying to invent themselves and find themselves in this big world... Rainbow Rowell did a fantastic job of proving that it is never too late to wake up, reinvent yourself and go after your dreams!


At first I was worried that I would think of the main character as a slob spoiled child that still lives with his mother and has no ambitions. What happened was quite the opposite, actually- I found myself rooting for him as he cautiously took steps to get out of his bubble and take charge of his life. 


He got over some things and he did it by himself (though with a little nudge in the right direction), which I appreciated. I gave this 4 stars because of the great writing and incredible character development. I took a star off (actually being generous) because some things (no spoilers!) seemed really unrealistic and out of place. 


all in all, it was a cute read and I would recommend it!


Read it, and let me know what YOU think!

Georgie xxxxxx