Throne Of Glass/ Sarah J. Maas

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

5 stars


Oh. My. Fudging. God. 

If you are a human being, and you still haven't read Throne Of Glass then what the hell is wrong with you?! 


I usually don't like reading books that were reviewed a million times like TFIOS because I kind of get the feeling that they're cheap and overrated. But holy mother of god- this book was spectacular. 


Sorry for the excessive use of OMGs, but this book definitely deserves the drama that surrounds it. I'm at a total loss for words. just trust me, and read it. 


This book has everything good a book needs. 

a strong female main character, a not-sappy-at-all love triangle, action, awesome world building, drama, amazing characters, humor, mind blowing plot twists. 


I don't even know how to explain why this book is so good. She's an assassin. Is this not good enough for you? just trust me and go read this book. You'll thank me later. go. now. shoo. 


Read it, and let me know what YOU think!

Georgie xxxxxx