Smashed/ Mandy Hager

Smashed - Mandy Hager

4.5 stars


To be honest, I started reading this book like two years ago and didn't really get into it but now it was part of my TBR challenge and I am  SO glad I picked it up! this book got me guessing and theorizing until the last few pages and it was fast paced and engrossing. 


This book was a real page- turner and had some tough topics that Mandy Hager did an excellent job of covering. Because this book has elements of rape and suicide in it, I would recommend it to 15+ 


I love the main character- Toby, his character development and how he analyses everything. His whole way of thinking is very mature and fascinating. I also liked all the other characters in this book- they were all entertaining, deep and interesting. 


Read it and let me know what YOU think!

Georgie xxxx