Command Performance/ Nora Roberts

Command Performance - Nora Roberts

4 stars


I read this book during the book-reading-rush that comes after a long book slump, so I enjoyed every little thing about it. 


I don't really know which I enjoyed more- the romance in this story or the suspense, because both were really good. I loved how Eve and Alex were so entirely different from each other, yet they seemed to fit so perfectly together. 


It was one of those books that made you really angry at the characters for not seeing what you see- how they so obviously belong together (which I love)


At times I thought Alexander's strength and alpha-male-ness was sexy and cute, but there were times when I was like 'whoa dude take it down a notch' , but all in all I liked him. I also really liked Bennett's character- it was fun to read and very light. 


as I said, the suspense was also really good, but I'm not going to say anything about it because this is a spoiler- free review, I'll just say that again, the end was the first thing you thought it would be but then forgot about because you didn't think it would be that obvious, so that when it did happen, you kind of freaked out a little. 


Read it and let me know what YOU think!

Georgie xxxx