Storm Siren/ Mary Weber

Storm Siren - Mary Weber

4 stars


I really liked this book. I liked the main character, her friends and how could I not- the love interest. I didn't really liked the world- building because it took me a while to understand because the explanations were only at the end of the book and even now I am left with some questions. 


I really like in books when the romance isn't immediate and it is slowly built. I think it makes much better and richer. this book was no different and I really liked the main couple. 


and OH MY GOD the plot twist at the end. when I say end I don't mean the last chapter like regular books. I mean last sentence plot twist. seriously. WHAT. It left me slightly panicking and definitely hungry for more. 


I also liked that (although I didn't really realize it until the end) Mary Weber put the element of self- harm into her book, she wrote it in a way that we, the readers, didn't really understand what it really was about, we got used to it and then in the end when we understood I was like DAMN. 


Read it, and let me know what YOU think!

Georgie xxxxxx