Affaire Royale/ Nora Roberts

Affaire Royale - Nora Roberts

3 stars


Okay, I'll admit. The rating I gave this book might not be fair because for more than half this book, I was in the middle of a serious reading slump. Most likely it was just me, but I felt like the beginning was kind of slow and not really interesting. 


Near the end of the book, I finally got out of my reading slump and then this book was awesome. It was still a little slow at parts, but much faster and more interesting. The romance was okay, and only near the very end, Nora took the action up a notch, which I loved. It was one of those plot twists that was so obvious, that you thought that there is no way that this is the plot twist, and when it is, you're were still shocked. 

I liked most of the characters. I loved that even in a country where women are still inferior to men in some aspects, Gabriella stood strong, took no shit from anybody, made her own plans and didn't wait for any man to decide her fate for her. 


I liked Reeve in the sense that with his reason and sensibility he balanced her out, but he had so much passion, just like her, so their scenes were very believable and tense. 


All in all, I liked this book. 


Read it and let me know what YOU think!

Georgie xxxx