The Destiny Of Violet And Luke

The Destiny of Violet and Luke - Jessica Sorensen

3 stars


'The Destiny Of Violet And Luke' had a great plot and an end that left my mouth hanging open in shock. Violet And Luke had great chemistry and as characters they were extremely interesting. it was a fast paced page- turner, but I can't give it the number of stars it probably deserves, because I read when I was like 14 and then again when I was 15 and I think this book was a bit rough and maybe I'm being too harsh, but that's the feeling I got. It had pretty graphic scenes in it and maybe if I read it FOR THE FIRST TIME when I was much older I would have appreciated it more, but... anyway I think you should probably be 16 to read it or maybe even 17 if you don't like this kind of stuff. But all in all, it was interesting, sexy and fun to read. 


read it and let me know what YOU think!

Georgie xxxx